Statement (en)

Graduated of an AFEDAP certification (Paris, France) in 2016, I observe the jewel as the former nurse I used to be before approaching the world of jewellery. My creations, in between art objects and jewels, are often articulated around the themes of health, disease, emotions and experiences. Thus, I extend this concept to the scenography of my pieces and the choice of my models.

Therefore, my aim is to materialize the emotions and feelings that the healer may difficultly exteriorize to his patients, from fear to anger, from pain to sadness, from doubt to hope.

My art compensates for the few moments we can obtain at the hospital for a medical care based on a relationship with the patient.  I never felt so close to them than through my creations, which are a relief from my past frustration or my patient’s ones.

My pieces are the reflection of all these injured bodies and hearts, and there is, in every one of them, always a fragment of their personal history, of their soul.

Contemporary art therapist, I express myself to cover wounds, mine, theirs, and yours.

My scientific approach encourages me to base my creational process on experimentation, validation of a hypothesis through a – not medical anymore, but artistic – protocol, and reception of new data, more qualitative than quantitative, at the image of Claude Bernard or Benjamin Franklin. 

My scientific approach encourages me to experiment even more and to use all types of materials: from metal to lichen, through epic porcine spines, plastic or ferrofluid

Medical artist or poetic surgeon, I metaphorically dissect the disease. The wounded body becomes my canvas, the materials my plaster.